Free Poly - Low Poly Art Puzzle Game

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Free Poly - Low Poly Art Puzzle Gameis a free low 3D poly art game.It's full of amazing art of puzzle.

By sliding the screen and the pieces together to form a beautiful 3D puzzle, this puzzle will become a beautiful collectible for you to complete more levels to expand your collection!

It's a new polysphere game.Slide to rotate the Free Poly - Low Poly Art Puzzle Game as a sphere until you see the full picture of the beautiful design. You can rotate it 360° until he is placed at the right angle.

All you have to do is keep expanding your collection and complete more levels.

This game will exercise your brain's artistic ability and imagination.It is a beautiful puzzle shape game that is also a brain training puzzle game!

Free Poly - Low Poly Art Puzzle Game is the best shape puzzle for kid and all ages. No special skills are required!

Free Poly - Low Poly Art Puzzle Game It may be the best way to relieve stress, slow-paced games can help you relax and enjoy time!

Time flies when you're playing Free Poly - Low Poly Art Puzzle Game, it's a perfect time killer!

We want to make the levels more difficult, but we don't want the player to be unable to complete a level all the time!

Advantages of Free Poly - Low Poly Art Puzzle Game
· Easy to use, just slide the screen to play!
· All levels can be unlocked for free!
· We update our level collection frequently.
· Level sorting, no need to keep scrolling down the screen
· Up to thirteen languages
· Beautifully designed continuity for greater visual impact.
· No time limit, have fun!

HOW TO PLAY Free Poly - Low Poly Art Puzzle Game
★ Complete your collection by rotating it.
★ Keep completing levels to get more collectibles.
★ Spend time solving problems.

Hope you like Free Poly - Low Poly Art Puzzle Game

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  • Kategoria: Gry
  • Platforma: Android
  • Deweloper: 6Monkeys Studio
  • Rozmiar pliku: 27M
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  • Licencja: Free
  • Ostatnia aktualizacja: czerwiec 23, 2022
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